<h4>Louise on the Jacobite Steam Train</h4>Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 <h4>Haliburton Barn</h4>Oil on Canvas: 22 x 30 <h4>Alex and Birkin</h4>Oil on Canvas: 22 x 30 <h4>Old Rail Line Lake</h4>Oil on Canvas: 22 x 30 <h4>The Usual Suspects</h4>Oil on Canvas: 24 x 48 <h4>Vanessa Sketching<small>Muskoka</small></span></h4>Oil on Canvas: 22 x 16 <h4>Tropicbirds on South Caicos</h4>Oil on Canvas: 36 x 48 <h4>Benjamin</h4>Oil on Canvas: 12 x 12

Ile d’Orleans, Quebec

Oil On Canvas: 8 x 10


Jerry Camp, Caicos TCI

Oil On Canvas: 12 x 12


Christopher Dedrick

Oil on Canvas 11 x 17"


Learn what things look like from the observation of light. Paint the light, and all the different surfaces and textures will appear by themselves.

Ted Seth Jacobs, Artist

I would argue that there is no other secret to being an artist: it is the ability to continually open ourselves up, to question our assumptions, and discover new questions. We seek the most vivid, deeply felt and illuminated way of seeing our own selves.

Timothy Stotz, Artist

To sit for one's portrait is like being present at one's own creation.

Alexander Smith, Artist

A portrait affirms; it gives the gift of self to its subject. It says, 'Yes, you are worth spending this time over, your story deserves to be told, you should be recorded for you will not pass this way again.

David Goatley, Artist