• Oil Painting of The Yukon

    Moira Dedrick

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Artist Statement


Animal Portraits




Turks and Caicos Collection

Available Originals


Portrait of Blue

My Boy Blue! The handsomest boyee! You have captured him so perfectly...right down to the little chesthair swirly! Moira! You've outdone yourself and I can't thank you enough for all the happiness we've gotten from this amazing work of art!

Laura Dempsey

Portrait of Wiggy

I love this painting of our beloved Wiggy! You have beautifully captured his likeness and presence. The eyes, the multi shades of colour in his fur, the detail with his paws, whiskers, ears, and the unique shape of his head! In short you nailed it!!!

Nancy McClellan

Portrait of Lady Arwen

Oh my gosh, it's perfect! You are brilliant! I miss that puppy so much. It's absolutely beautiful. It's her!

Janette Hayhoe

Portrait of Furgus

It's absolutely brilliant!!!! Makes me smile right out loud! I really just love it and you caught his face magnificently!

Pamela Leach

Portrait of Sudi

A very big thank you for the precious painting of Sudi, Moira! I love it so much - it really captures her 'spirit beyond cat' - but wrapped up in her furry body I can pat. There is a knowing look in her eyes, and I am so grateful to have this treasure!!!

Sandra D.

Accuracy of physical likeness is essential, and so is capturing the character; the resonance of that unique individual that doesn’t stop at their physical boundaries but radiates into the space around them.